Friday, August 29, 2008


We saw the specialist earlier this year and he has supported us with continuing to maintain her ROM, so Caitlin will continue at Riding for the Disabled (RDA) and hydrotherapy/swimming once a week each and referred back to physiotherapy for support there too.

We finally got the physiotherapy appointment this week, so all excited as we were going back to a therapist we saw through the fixator time. What a let down! I don't blame her - I feel she was just the bearer of bad news - but have been told that other than an annual check on Caitlin's ROM, they aren't prepared to do anything else, as nothing can be done. Pretty disappointed to say the least!

Caitlin has no hip extension whatsoever, when she walks and they feel that she never will. However, when she lies down on her tummy and bends her knee, she can lift her thigh off the bed, which is extremely hard to do and requires 'hip extension'!!!!

I had a pity party that night, thinking that was it. They seemed to think that I am after perfection for Caitlin, where in fact, what I want is for her to be the best that she can be!

So I bought a copy of Tae Bo Kicks for Kids, to help improve her core strength and ROM and we have hired an exercycle for a month, to see if that helps too. One thing they might realise one day, is to not under-estimate the determination of a perthes mum! I will not accept NO for an answer and neither should anyone else.

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Angela said...

Been reading about your experiences with your daughter who has Perthes. My daughter also has Perthes. Here is my blog